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The HR online conference in which professionals from all over the world shared their integral vision on talent management in organizations facing the “new normal”.

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The New Normal 2020

BEFORE: Recruit and select – AFTER: Attract and sell
Dragan Vukosavljevic | Director - Hint

When it comes to the selling point, the most relevant topics are going towards first discovering candidates life projects, their dreams, expectations, driving needs and then tailoring job offer to match those specific needs. As time passes by, we understand that selling is not just a transaction of money and a product or service, is about about fitting a vision, a culture, an environment into the life project of our people as a puzzle. Before it was a challenge, today it's a must that everyone should embrace.

Purpose Driven Virtual Interviews
Christelle Hargroves | Chief Visionary - At Play

As we enter into the world of the ‘New Normal’ a number of daily activities are being reviewed as innovation takes hold. Moving forward top talent will still be a critical need in the journey to both recovery and success. Join us as we speak to the Solutions at Play team along with their virtual avatars who aim to save you time and find the right-fit talent to join your team.

Stepping in to the Unknown
Paula Quinsee | Paula Quinsee

"The world as we know it has changed and there is no normal. How we work, communicate and engage has changed which means we have to re-skill ourselves into unchartered waters both as individuals and organisations. What are some of the things we need to look out for."

Talent Acquisition in the Social Sector: Recruiting Challenges and Successes
Yvonne Rivera | Talent Acquisition Practice Leader - NonProfit HR

Talent acquisition during unprecedented times based on the “new now” has presented many recruiters with multiple challenges. However, as the social sector bounces back and recruiting leaders continue to manage and grow their workforce, the successes from challenges is what drives mission-critical outcomes.

Keeping Your People Together: Impact on Talent Management
Lisa Brown Alexander | CEO - NonProfit HR

For most businesses, including nonprofits, a pandemic can change everything! However, an organization’s mission remains. Now more than ever, missions have to rely on their people to maintain their impact during a crisis. How leaders treat their people and leaders lead during an unpredictable process will reshape how an organization approaches its talent management strategy and culture. Leaders must be able to uphold shared values, foster a climate of engagement in the midst of uncertainty, align talent management decisions with established values, and communicate critical decisions and need-to-know information with teams in a way that builds unity.

What Now? Keeping the Main Thing The Main Thing
JoAnn Corley-Schwarzkopf | Executive Advisor - JoAnn Corley

This session serves as a refreshing reminder that though there is much disruption and uncertainty, there are key elements in leadership and talent management, that we sometimes take for granted, that remains constant. That's good news! Additionally, these elements also just happen to be the most important for effective leadership and talent management. So we'll look at what they are and then consider 3 ways to ensure we connect and stay anchored to them as we navigate new directions.

How to modify your behaviour to communicate effectively with remote teams
Claudina Whisken | Managing Partner PDA International Canada

Dealing with employee engagement during Covid Times
Ana de Icaza | CEO - KPI Search Consultants

Insgiths for leaders to help them understand Employees´level of commitment, what is happening with their work environment and some ideas of what to do to help employees focus on their results.

Employeepreneur: The Employee for the New Normal
Dethra Giles | Chief Bridge Architect, TEDx Speaker, Company Culture Engineer, Keynote Speaker, Leadership Architect - ExecuPrep

There is no going back, the new normal is moving forward and it requires a different type of employee. The employee that embraces entrepreneur traits will be the employee of the new normal. So, how do we become, create, and find this type of employee? And, what can you and your organization to recruit and retain this type of employee? In this session, we will answer some of those questions.









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Katrym Vega

Diretora Regional PDA Portugal & PALOP - PDA International

Desenvolveu a sua carreira trabalhando na área comercial de PDA International América Latina em Argentina. Posteriormente, assumiu a Direção comercial de PDA Espanha, participando diretamente na venda e gestão de projetos de consultoria de Recursos Humanos e formando Analistas Comportamentais PDA. Atualmente é Diretora de PDA Portugal e PALOP, Trainer de Trainers PDA e pós-graduada em Gestão Estratégica de Recursos Humanos pelo INDEG-ISCTE.