What is PDA Behavioural Assessment?

PDA (Personal Development Analysis) is a behavioural assessment that through a simple, precise and scientific methodology allows us to discover and analyze peoples’ behavioural profiles. It also allows us to evaluate the behavioural and competency requirements of a job thereby ensuring you select and develop the right people into the right positions.

The PDA Assessment does not qualify behavioural profiles as “good or bad”; it describes the evaluated individual’s behavioural characteristics.

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Scientifically validated – Over 90% reliability

Easy and fast to complete (10-20 minutes)

Online Administration and immediate delivery results

Intuitive and friendly

Who uses the PDA?


to identify, develop and/or retain talent. This tool is utilized by most of the leading companies ranked on Great Place to Work.

HR Consulting Companies

incorporate a new product into your portfolio, add value to your services, and generate consulting projects based on the psychometric behavioural assessment.


in order to understand their strengths and developmental areas to improve job/career prospects, current and future job performance and relationships with subordinates, colleagues and superiors.

PDA Theoretical Support

PDA International is committed to maintaining the highest standards of instrument development and application through careful research and development processes.

PDA Assessment offers valid scores and accurate feedback to the respondent. Is designed to provide reasonably accurate interpretations or feedback based on individual scores.

Intense research and rigorous validation studies have made PDA Psychometric Assessments a product HR Consultants and professionals can confidently use in business, non-profit, coaching or counselling situations. Research studies an additional information are publicly available here.